Gyrano Kerk: ‘Glad Justin Bijlow got off well’ | Football

Bijlow again prematurely disappeared to the catacombs, but in the dressing room it turned out that the damage this time was not as great as the previous times. “Fortunately we will not have a game next weekend and I can recover for a while. This will be fine, my knee is not filling up with moisture now ”, said the keeper.

Gyrano Kerk also breathed a sigh of relief. “I am glad that he got off very well. It was an all-or-nothing attempt on my part. If I only start the game for 50 percent, I have no chance of hitting the ball again. I tried with my right foot, but missed the ball. That’s why the collision came. Afterwards I should have jumped, yes. But you’re so into the game at that moment, ”said the most dangerous man in the home team, a little guiltily.

Full house

Dick Advocaat did not blame the Church. Lawyer: “He is not a boy who deliberately kicks opponents.” Bijlow was not angry either. “I was at the ball much earlier and I also called ‘go’. But Kerk went full steam ahead. It was really painful, but fortunately it is not serious now. I don’t want to sew him red, but it could have been such a card. ”

Kerk is disappointed that his team missed so many opportunities. FC Utrecht had eight shots on target, Feyenoord only two. „In the first half I had the idea that we could beat Feyenoord 3-0. There were some wonderful rescues from Justin. ”

Gyrano Kerk: ‘Glad Justin Bijlow got off well’ | Football
Source link Gyrano Kerk: ‘Glad Justin Bijlow got off well’ | Football

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