Hackers from Anonymous finished with ‘narcissistic rich guy’ Elon Musk: ‘We’re coming after you’ | Tech

In a video posted on YouTube on Saturday, the hacker collective Anonymous is targeting Tesla boss Elon Musk. According to the hackers, the South African CEO is manipulating the prices of cryptocurrencies, causing him to “destroy lives”. They let Musk know that his game is now over: “You have found your match. We are coming after you.”

According to the hackers, Musk has long been able to play nice weather with electric cars and travel to the moon, but in reality the Tesla boss is a “narcissistic rich guy desperate for attention.” His drive to save the world is said to be based more on “feelings of superiority and the savior complex” than actual concern for humanity.

For example, the collective points out that Musk has no objection whatsoever to installing dictatorial regimes in the countries where the raw materials that his companies need are mined and where children are exploited.

Anonymous accuses Musk of manipulating the already unstable cryptocurrencies, which he enriches himself with at the expense of others. By writing positive or negative messages about certain cryptocurrencies, he influences his followers and other traders in the market who buy or sell a certain cryptocoin en masse, causing the prices to fluctuate enormously.

A Tesla car for a few bitcoins

Musk, for example, has long been a strong supporter of cryptocurrencies, because he had less and less faith in the US dollar. In February, he announced that Tesla had exchanged 1.5 billion US dollars (1.23 billion euros) for bitcoin and promised that customers could soon even buy cars from his company with it.

Love seems to have cooled off since last month. Tesla announced in May that it will not accept bitcoins after all because Musk believes that generating the coins (‘mining’ in jargon) costs a lot of power and is therefore bad for the environment. After the announcements, both the price of Tesla and bitcoin plunged into the minus.

It has been known for years that generating bitcoins is anything but environmentally friendly. That’s why many doubt Musk’s argument was genuine. The hackers of Anonymous argue that Tesla had to give up bitcoin because otherwise it would no longer receive government subsidies. The collective believes that Tesla earns much more money from this than selling cars, but they provide no evidence for that claim in the video.

To the moon

Musk also backed another cryptocurrency, the ‘dogecoin’. Once set up as a parody of crypto coins, this coin also became fashionable, partly thanks to Musk’s promotion. In 2021, the currency rose as much as 5,000 percent in value. Musk called the dogecoin “The People’s Cryptocurrency” and even promised to bury a physical dogecoin on the moon. But recently, he suddenly called the same coin “a scam”, causing the price to collapse temporarily.

Bitcoin also lost value again on Friday after a few cryptic tweets from Elon Musk. The Tesla CEO tweeted ‘#Bitcoin’, with a broken heart emoji next to it. Less than two hours later, Musk tweeted again, this time with an “I miss you” meme. It sparked furious reactions from users begging Musk to stop influencing prices.

Because what sometimes seems like a game to Musk, is sometimes a real roller coaster of emotions for (small) investors for holders of the coins and “has destroyed lives”, according to the hackers. That he would have no remorse for his actions, according to the collective, is due to his privileged position as the son of a South African owner of a diamond mine who amassed his fortune during the apartheid regime.

It is not clear from the video what the collective wants to do against Musk. It ends with a cryptic message: ,,We are Anonymous. We are a legion. We are coming after you.”

Watch Anonymous’s video message to Elon Musk here:

Hackers from Anonymous finished with ‘narcissistic rich guy’ Elon Musk: ‘We’re coming after you’ | Tech
Source link Hackers from Anonymous finished with ‘narcissistic rich guy’ Elon Musk: ‘We’re coming after you’ | Tech

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