Hailey Bieber: ‘Justin will make a full recovery’ | Stars

“He is doing well, getting a little better every day. It was a scary and unusual situation, but he will make a full recovery and I am grateful that he is well,” Hailey told the show’s hosts. “He’s received support from friends, fans and family and that has ranged from get well wishes to advice and recommendations, really fantastic.”

The presenters also asked Hailey about her own health situation, as she suffered a mini-stroke in March. That recovery is also going well, the model said. “I feel a lot better again. I had surgery to close the hole in my heart and have been giving my body time to heal and recover ever since. It took a while before I felt like myself again.”

The fact that Hailey and Justin have to deal with such serious health conditions at such a young age also has good sides, Bieber said. “It more or less forces us to go public with it, and in addition to helping people understand what you are experiencing, it also provides great conversations and insights. In addition, because we are going through this together, it has brought us closer together”, concludes Hailey.

Hailey Bieber: ‘Justin will make a full recovery’ | Stars
Source link Hailey Bieber: ‘Justin will make a full recovery’ | Stars

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