Hanna van Vliet very proud of the unimaginable story of Anne+

It is almost impossible to imagine that Anne+ once started with crowdfunding to become a web series. And now look. Three years later, two series of the series are on Netflix and lesbian Anne can be seen in cinemas from today. Subway sat down with ‘the star of the show’, Hanna van Vliet.

It’s 2017 like Subway already over Anne+ writes. There’s nothing yet. Screenwriter Maud Wiemeijer and director Valerie Bisscheroux talk about their plan. “With this we make what we used to miss ourselves.” Last March, a week before corona took hold of the world, lead actress Hanna van Vliet (29) said in a statement. Subwayinterview something similar. She, too, missed something like this in her teenage years: “Anne+ making is a necessity.”

Anne+ became a worldwide hit

The web series about Anne and her friends was launched. BNNVARA saw the impact and broadcast two series on TV. Through YouTube, girls worldwide found support for a character who was going through the same thing as them. Netflix noticed that again. Anne+ disappeared from YouTube, all episodes can now be seen on the streaming service in the Netherlands and Belgium. And now? Now there is the movie of the same title. The production still comes from Maud Wiemeijer, Valerie Bisscheroux and the lead actress herself. Time to catch up with Hanna van Vliet. In the EYE film museum, where the ‘world premiere’ of Anne+ (in two full halls at the same time), she enjoys a fresh orange juice. What stands out are her bright blue sneakers, which she will also wear on the red carpet that same evening.

The new story of the film Anne+

In the cinema version of Anne+ Anne’s girlfriend Sara (Jouman Fattal) now lives in Montreal, Canada. Anne plans to follow her, but then hears from her publisher (Romana Vrede) that she must rewrite her entire book about her own experiences. “Your main character has no purpose. You seem to have lost yourself a bit.”

Where things then go wrong: communication, Anne is not always strong in that regard. To her friends she revolves around the book (‘really almost finished’) and the trip to Canada (‘arranging a few more things’). Sarah ignores them. But then… the non-binary Lou appears in her life, a truly fantastic role by Thorn de Vries (non-binary herself). The love and mutual understanding burst from it. Love this name spangas in the eye we say if Subway just for a while. Does Lou make Anne choices? Does she finally know what she wants with her life? And will she ever see Sara again?

Hanna van Vliet shone more often

Hanna van Vliet, born in Gorinchem and now Amsterdam, is of course not just Anne of that big hit. She sparkled often. In the musical The Twins for example (nomination Musical Award). In the movie oh baby and – just like Thorn de Vries – in spangas. She is currently also in quicksand see you next year Lost Transport from. But Anne+ is of course her most important ‘thing’.

Looking back at 2018, the first web series, the crowdfunding and everyone who contributed and acted selflessly… what do you think if there is now a cinema film?

Hanna: „Then I am just very proud. It feels a bit like the crowning glory of five years of very hard work. In addition, I find it special that the team is still almost completely the same. Anyone who ever did everything for free, because they thought it was important. For most people, this is their debut film. From Maud, from Valerie, from the cameraman, from the editor. Really cool.”

You mentioned Anne+ in the previous Subwayinterview a necessity. Is it less or still the case?

“I don’t think there can be enough representation. There will be some more. That’s nice, but we still only have the tip of the iceberg. I hope Anne+ can be an example for distributors and producers and that it is even commercially interesting. We ran into that in the beginning. Too niche. The opposite turned out, because the lhbtiq scene is very large. And they don’t just watch, because the hetero audience is also large. I can only hope that all those viewers of the series now also go to the film.”

Anne+ Hanna van Vliet
Hanna van Vliet with Thorn de Vries. Photo: Dutch Film Works

Anne+ has many universal themes

Are you afraid no one will look? You have built such a large fan base.

“I do not know. No I do not know. A lot comes out, now that much more is allowed. But I’m especially curious if there are also people who go to the movie who didn’t watch the series. That’s fine, because the themes are very universal. Anne+ is also very much about daring to be honest with yourself. About heartbreak, friendship and about daring to say goodbye to a long relationship. Everyone recognizes that and it is now taking place in a cool arena with queer people and drags.”

With Thorn de Vries you have a nice talent, don’t you?

“Yea, sure. Thorn is also an icon in the community and a very sweet, fun and talented person. I’m super happy that Thorn was there, as were Georgina Verbaan and Romana Vrede. Big names, but they wanted to participate.”

Many people know Anne, but not necessarily Hanna van Vliet. Do you consider that a compliment?

“Correct. Anne is a character that we have given to the world because we think she is important. If people do know me, they always like the fact that I’m not straight myself and I don’t just do this for the series and film. But if people know Anne and have seen the whole series, I think that’s just great. Whether they know Hanna van Vliet does not matter to me.”

Hanna van Vliet Jouman Fattal
Hanna van Vliet and Jouman Fattal. Photo: Dutch Film Works

Netflix that Anne+ picked up, just as great?

“It just keeps going for me. From the premiere of the first season, the festive moments just keep on coming. Looking back over the past five years, I keep getting confirmation that Anne+ matters. A lot of people think it’s super fun, but it also has something to do with it. Netflix is ​​another such step. I notice that many more people have seen it now. People address me on the street and yes, they often call me Anne haha.”

You got reactions from many girls on the first series. Did that continue with the second Anne+?

“Yes, that went on. Also from non-binary youngsters, by the way. The viewers got to know the group of friends better in the second series, so the other actors also received messages. Jouman, for example, who himself is of Syrian origin. People really like that, she is a role model for many.”

Anne doesn’t know for a while

In the second series Anne was now a young adult. Is she one step further in that now?

“She is very busy with that, in any case, with finding her place in the world. I recognize that in my generation. Anne may be a little younger than I am, but you see things like not knowing when you graduate. Many people will know that, but that ‘not knowing for a while’ may also be there. In the film Anne does become a bit more mature, I think. Lou puts her just as well on her number.”

Is Anne+ therefore much broader in terms of themes than where it all started?

“We have certainly retained that core and the recognisability of that time. At the same time, the film is the next step. In terms of themes, but also for us as makers. It looks much nicer now, really bold. Anne+ has grown with us, also in terms of content. You can feel that just as we ourselves are concerned with our position in the world. We’re all five years older too, aren’t we.”

Anne+ Hanna van Vliet
Anne with her friends.

Have you considered using corona in the film?

“We’ve talked about it. Now you hear something like ‘nice that it’s allowed again, huh?’, but that’s it. It’s an image of the time, but we didn’t feel like getting started with mouth caps and stuff. And does anyone want to see that? You see it all around you all day. Anne+ can be a trip where you can dream away for a while.”

What Anne+ has delivered

You are personally involved in Anne+. What should I call you, co-producer?

“Co-creator. It gives a very nice feeling that I am so closely involved in it. I also never have a time when I have nothing to do as an actor. Anne+ always goes on.”

You mentioned the tip of the iceberg earlier. Did Anne+ help at all?


Or would you also be proud if the series had only meant something to two girls?

“That’s for sure. But I notice that Anne+ does more. I sometimes visit COC youth camps, for example. Teens out there all know the series. Secondary school teachers tell me that they Anne+ use as teaching material. It takes time, but at least it makes a difference. I’m not cynical about that at all.”

Mocro Mafia fans can cheer, because there’s more to come (already this year)

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Hanna van Vliet very proud of the unimaginable story of Anne+

Hanna van Vliet very proud of the unimaginable story of Anne+
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