Hans Kraay Jr: ‘I almost got killed’ | Stars

“We just got out of the car and you told an idiot story,” Wilfred addresses Hans Kraay Jr. “That is completely unimportant,” the former professional football player reacts uncomfortably, now that he wants to keep the attention mainly with Eriksen. That doesn’t stop Genee from going ahead, though.

“You yourself had experienced something intense along the way,” he continues. When Gijp also wants to know more about it, Hans still tells his story. “I almost got killed just now. Not normal, four madmen…”, he stammers. “I am driving out of my garden on a farm road and an Audi A5 is coming full at me at 220 kilometers per hour and you have nowhere to go. I think: ‘I’m dead’. I accidentally drove into a meadow. So whatever comes next is bonus. But please let’s talk about Erikson,” he concludes.

Eriksen suddenly fell headfirst into the grass after receiving the ball on Saturday evening. The game was immediately stopped and players gestured for help. Television images showed how Eriksen was given a heart massage. The footballer is now conscious, the Danish Football Association has reported. “Christian Eriksen is awake and is in the Rigshospitalet for further examinations,” the union reports.

Hans Kraay Jr: ‘I almost got killed’ | Stars
Source link Hans Kraay Jr: ‘I almost got killed’ | Stars

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