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Health Insurers Cancel Contracts with Private GP Firm

The big four health insurers have terminated their contracts with Co-Med, a private family doctors’ company, and are seeking alternative options for their 50,000 clients.

On Wednesday, CZ, VGZ, Menzis, and Zilveren Kruis cited the company’s failure to meet obligations after numerous patient complaints regarding access and the availability of qualified staff.

“We have concluded that Co-Med cannot guarantee the provision of good healthcare,” CZ stated.

With the cancellation of contracts, the insurers will no longer cover treatments at any of the 13 Co-Med family doctor practices nationwide.

Priority placement with new family doctors will be given to the most vulnerable patients, but a “structural solution” is needed for all patients registered at Co-Med practices, according to the insurers.

Founded in 2019 by three Limburg businessmen, Co-Med aimed to support doctors by handling administrative tasks like roster planning and bookkeeping. The company now operates 13 family doctor clinics, many acquired from retiring doctors who couldn’t find successors. Co-Med relies heavily on freelance doctors to care for approximately 50,000 patients in Breda, Zwolle, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, and Enschede.

Despite its growth, Co-Med has faced numerous complaints about accessibility, poor care, and the use of unqualified staff. Health ministry inspectors have ordered the company to “improve the availability and accessibility of care,” citing “serious shortcomings.”

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