Hiddema enters Senate for Forum for Democracy

Former Member of Parliament Theo Hiddema is entering the Senate for Forum for Democracy. That is what the lawyer says to NRC. Forum is entitled to a third seat in the senate now that former FvD member Nicki Pouw-Verweij has been elected for JA21 in the House of Representatives. Hiddema tells the newspaper that he wants to take her vacant seat in the senate.

His return to the Binnenhof is surprising: Hiddema immediately left the House of Representatives in November, in the aftermath of the riot surrounding anti-Semitic and racist text messages from FvD youth.

Hiddema then initially made himself available as the Forum’s pusher in last month’s parliamentary elections, but he decided not to do so because, according to him, the Forum campaign revolved too much around corona policy. “I am no longer an FvD person. Please remove me from the list,” he said in January.

Hiddema now tells NRC that he would like to return to Forum because the party has a “wonderful program”. He says he has withdrawn purely because of the riot surrounding the texts. “I ended up in that bustle and I didn’t feel like it anymore because you are associated with that gunk anyway. I have orientated myself sufficiently and I now know: there are no more wappies behind the curtains.”

In the Senate, Hiddema wants to “put a spoke in the wheel of ineffective legislation”. According to NRC, he is expected to be sworn in as a senator next Tuesday.

Hiddema enters Senate for Forum for Democracy
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