Higher penalties for Hell’s Angels


The Amsterdam Court of Appeal today convicted 6 men and the Hells Angels Haarlem Foundation for participating in a criminal organization. 5 of them were sentenced to 20 months in prison, of which 5 months suspended. One of them also had 2 weapons and accompanying ammunition on hand and was sentenced to 25 months in prison, of which 5 months on probation. The clubhouse in Haarlem has been forfeited by the Foundation to an amount of € 80,000. This decision is broadly in accordance with the appeal of the Public Prosecution Service. The court previously imposed lower sentences.

Criminal organization

According to the judge, the 6 men were members of the Haarlem department of the Hells Angels (also called charter), which was known as rock-hard and hard-hitting and formed a criminal organization together with the Foundation and 4 other persons. They contributed to the realization of the criminal intent of that organization. The court found that serious violent incidents, including extortion, assault and arson, can be directly related to this charter of the Hells Angels. The 6 men did not actively participate in the acts of violence committed by 3 other – already irrevocably convicted – members. However, this does not detract from the punishment of participating in a criminal organization.


The charter included a clubhouse in Haarlem. In this clubhouse not only meetings and parties – among other things to raise money for imprisoned members – took place, but also expressed in word and in writing the intention to go outside the law. The court ruled that participation in a criminal organization was committed with the help of the clubhouse and therefore forfeited the clubhouse.

Higher punishment

The prison sentences are higher than those imposed by the court. For the 6 men, the court ruling means that they have to go back to jail. Part of the prison sentence has been suspended by the court to dissuade men from re-engaging in criminal offenses in the future. This against the background that the Hells Angels charter Haarlem still seems to exist.

Higher penalties for Hell’s Angels
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