Hockey players Pinoké give HGC expensive defeat | Sport

The assignment was for the HOC Gazelles Combination prior to the game with Pinoké it was crystal clear: with a win, a big gap of seven points could be created with the Amsterdam outsider, the number five in the Dutch big league. There are four tickets for the play-offs to be awarded.

It was runner-up HGC that had an optical dominance in the first 35 minutes, but the best chances were for the home team. However, those were not spent on Kari Stam, Maxime Kerstholt and Kelly Jonker, the former goal getter of Orange.


During the second quarter and at the beginning of the third quarter, HGC seemed to make a breach in the Amsterdam defence, but Orange potential Kiki Gunneman stood at her post and kept her team going.

Just before the end of the third quarter, the game turned in favor of the home team. From a penalty corner variant, Maria Steensma tipped in the 1-0 for Pinoké. The opening goal was liberating for Daan Sabel’s team. Frances Westenberg converted a penalty shot (2-0), followed not much later by the promising international Stella van Gils’ 3-0.


Due to the strong victory, Pinoké narrowed the deficit with HGC to one point. SCHC now shares third place with HGC thanks to a tight 2-1 win over Kampong. Yibbi Jansen and Mette Winter scored on behalf of Stichtse.

Amsterdam took advantage of HGC’s misstep and now occupies second place after the 3-1 victory over neighbor Hurley. Michelle Fillet scored twice. The latter was also done by top scorer Frédérique Matla in the 4-0 victory of league-leader Den Bosch over red lantern carrier Oranje-Rood.


Where Matla with 17 goals in seven matches grand lady of the Dutch big league, Demi Hilterman is the queen of the penalty corner. The Bloemendaal specialist was deadly again from the head of the circle during the 3-2 home win over Victoria and has now hit ten times. This makes it the most productive penalty corner gun.

Penalty corner queen Demi Hilterman has already scored ten times this season.

Penalty corner queen Demi Hilterman has already scored ten times this season.

Hilterman gave Dave Smolenaars’ team a dream start within ten minutes with two hits, but saw the Rotterdam team come alongside in the third quarter thanks to Mady Hof, after Julieta Jankunas had taken the connection goal. It was Carmel Bosch who gave Bloemendaal the second victory of the season in the last quarter.

HDM, which reached the play-offs so surprisingly last season, suffered an expensive loss of points in the derby in The Hague against debutant Klein Zwitserland (2-2). The late equalizer by Lise Bom (KZ) led to great joyous scenes at the formation of Jorge Nolte.

Hockey players Pinoké give HGC expensive defeat | Sport
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