Hospital staff are vaccinated with Janssen vaccine at an accelerated rate

‘The coming weeks are crucial’

‘These are healthcare workers in hospitals who have direct contact with patients who run the risk of infection as a result. Due to the increasing pressure on hospitals from the third wave, hospitals cannot afford to drop out of health workers due to illness. The coming weeks are crucial, ‘reports the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

Janssen vaccine

It concerns 35,000 Janssen vaccines. Only one injection of this is required. At the beginning of this year, 40,000 vaccines went to employees in acute Covid care. Two weeks ago, nearly 40,000 AstraZeneca vaccines were again sent to hospitals for an additional round of vaccination among acute care personnel.


Hospitals that have (partly) not yet used these vaccines because of the decision on April 2 to pause injecting AstraZeneca under the age of 60 as a precaution, can use them for their employees over 60 years, now that it has been decided to only use AstraZeneca above the 60 years of use.

Additional 35,000 Janssen vaccines

With the additional 35,000 Janssen vaccines, more employees, including those who were initially supposed to be vaccinated with AstraZeneca but had not yet had their turn, can be vaccinated. The aim is to inject other medical staff with direct patient contact into hospitals with additional deliveries of vaccines in the coming weeks.

Third wave

“ In view of the great pressure in hospitals with Covid patients in this third wave and the need to maintain regular care as much as possible, the cabinet wants to do everything to keep the people in the hospitals going, ” said the two ministers.

First AstraZeneca injection already had

As mentioned, hospitals also continue to inject AstraZeneca to employees in direct patient care over the age of 60 and to employees who have already received a first AstraZeneca injection. This is in line with the Health Council’s advice and Minister de Jonge’s decision about AstraZeneca this week.

Janssen vaccine next week in the Netherlands

The Janssen vaccine will arrive in the Netherlands for the first time this week. About half of that supply is for healthcare workers in hospitals. A total of 115,000 vaccines have now been made available for this group. In the second quarter, about 16.5 million vaccines will become available in the Netherlands – 3 million of which are Janssen.

Hospital staff are vaccinated with Janssen vaccine at an accelerated rate
Source link Hospital staff are vaccinated with Janssen vaccine at an accelerated rate

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