How Casinos in the Netherlands Will Develop in 2021

Countries tend to have different perceptions and policies when it comes to gambling. What we can observe from the countries where gambling is legal, is that the industry tends to thrive there. It seems that the general wealth of the population doesn’t necessarily play a big role here. The truth is simple, gambling is often connected to sports, and since every nation likes a certain sport there is a market for gambling.

Given how sports events and state-owned lotteries played a role in normalizing this hobby, many European countries don’t voice too many concerns about these things. However, they do push back on online casinos, and in many regions, this hobby is viewed separately from gambling in land-based establishments. One European country that recently changed its position on online gambling is the Netherlands. To that end, we will explore how casinos will develop there during the year 2021.

Reasons for Change

To understand why the Netherlands changed its policy on online casinos we need to understand what was the issue in the first place. All over the world, people are aware of the potential dangers of irresponsible gambling, but at the same time, they want to allow people to have access to this hobby. So, the main issue is the lack of infrastructure or regulations for online play.

Given how the legal system can be slow, it takes time to pass these laws and form a regulatory framework for online gambling. Now that the Netherlands has established a regulatory body, multiple companies have applied for licenses, and it seems that at least 40 new operators are about to enter this market. In a way, the country plans to establish itself as a new hub for this type of business, which is something Denmark has already managed to do.

New Online Casino Platforms

Even though foreign operators will have their own platforms on the Netherlands market, there are also going to be sites that belong to local companies. Users are more likely to support online casino platforms from the Netherlands as they basically offer very similar content, and they get to support the local economy in this way. Moreover, users will have access to bingo games, Toto, and virtual scratch cards. This just shows that local sites are going to offer content that is tailored towards the Dutch audience.

Clearly, these new platforms are going to collaborate with some of the well-known game developers around the world. They already have the content players love, so it’s hard to imagine drastically different slot games just because the casino is based in Holland. Still, this change may lead to the establishment of new Dutch game development companies.

Marketing Trends

It is expected that the local operators will start going into the business from October 1st, 2021. Of course, the companies behind these platforms vary in terms of capital, but it’s safe to say that those with more resources will have a more aggressive marketing campaign.

One of the most expensive and impactful forms of marketing is through sports team sponsorships. This has been a practice for years, and a lot of football teams are sponsored by gambling operators. Of course, this will also depend on the internal policy of those sports clubs, and on athletes themselves. But you can be sure that there will definitely be some brand ambassadors for these new companies.

Moreover, a lot of Dutch people will probably get into the affiliate market programs of these new casino sites. There are many influencers who promote gambling platforms on social media, and they review them for their viewers.  These are all tried and tested methods of marketing so, it’s hard to imagine that casinos in the Netherlands will develop in a different way.

Crypto Payments

Another trend that is becoming popular among online casinos is allowing crypto payments. Now, this might be difficult to follow for some operators depending on their own local policies and the amount of information sharing they are required to do. Basically, by allowing cryptocurrency as a payment choice casinos become more attractive for potential users.

The transfers become faster, they can play by solely relying on a URL or a pseudonym, and the transfer fees are lower. Also, it’s a lot faster since there is no need to go through the whole account creation and verification process. Basically, it is viewed as a superior and more safe method to gamble, and a lot of tech-savvy players lean towards the platforms that can accommodate these payments.

Bonuses and Promotions

Finally, online casinos are known and appreciated for their amazing welcome offers or promotions. They are all designed to hype up the new players and give them massive multipliers on their first deposit. So, it would be weird if casinos in the Netherlands did not follow this trend. These bonuses typically include free chips and free spins for a specific game, which is a good way to lead players to slots with progressive jackpots.


Based on what we already observed in the other parts of the world, it’s highly likely for Dutch platforms to follow this same progression path. This is one of the most densely populated countries that’s filled with tourists so offering this form of entertainment is going to be a good thing. Of course, even if these games are the same the legislation can be different depending on the region. So, the whole licensing process will dictate what type of content is going to be available on these online casino platforms.

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