How Conferences/Networking Shows Have Resurged after a Difficult 2021

Over the last 20 months, conferences and networking events had to be repeatedly postponed, cancelled or went virtual to adhere to social distancing rules. This has proven difficult for businesses across industries to interact and come up with innovations and partnerships, even more so during an unnerving period. But there are reasons to be optimistic about the future of international meetings and conferences, with some business leaders already declaring the excitement for the immediate months ahead.

David Winter, the SEO Manager at PartyCasino, went on record to state how ‘Gaming companies and affiliates were excited to meet up after such a long time apart’, continuing to suggest that the next conferences up will help Party Casino Canada and other providers to push their new games and offers and come up with new innovative products never seen before. So, what are the reasons to be as optimistic as Mr David Winter about the next few months?

Travel is restarting

Travel has started to get the green light again with more flight availability and ways to get around once again. Flights have been significantly reduced over the past year, but small and big airlines are starting to operate near full schedules today. This will make it possible for international conferences and networking shows to be attended by more people in person.

Borders are re-opening

The most significant reason flight schedules are filling up is that federal and state governments are opening up their borders to business tourism. Whereas tourists may still be barred from entering a country, those on a business trip to a conference are often still permitted to enter or can find it easier to do so. One such example is seen in Japan, where only residents, nationals, students, and business people can enter at the time of writing. But tourists aren’t expected to be allowed in until early 2022.

Vaccination rates are increasing

Both of the previous are only possible due to increasing vaccination rates around the globe. In The Netherlands, almost 26 million doses have been administered, equating to over 72% of the population as fully vaccinated. The double-dose vaccination rates are just as high across most of Europe and other continents. And although these rates may not be rising at the same speed as in the early stages of the vaccination drive, they are still rising as limitations are placed on those who have yet to be vaccinated, like what is being seen in Austria.

Getting back in the conference room or networking seminar may be highly anticipated for businesses that want to strike deals, but they may look and feel different to what went before. Don’t be too offended if your fellow attendees don’t wish to shake hands to finalise the deal.

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