“How fantastic would it be….”

Although the market is flooded with cookbooks, the term ‘cookbook’ means ‘The Body Buddy Cookbook‘ really failed. This unique and sparkling ‘accompaniment book’, which Esther de Boer has compiled after extensive research, is much more than just another cookbook.

De Boer delivers with ‘The Body Buddy Cookbook‘ an innovative concept. A book for those who want to lose weight effortlessly and in an extremely pleasant and ‘tasty’ way. The book does not impose any coercion, does not take away the ‘joy of life’, but motivates and enthuses.

De Boer has chosen for her book the target group with which she has the most work experience, namely women who want to lose weight in a responsible way without having to deviate much from their current diet. And although the book is primarily aimed at women, men can also use this cookbook. Like women with higher total calorie needs, they may choose to eat multiple snacks from the cookbook, drink more calories, or scoop up a larger portion in the evening for dinner.

‘The Body Buddy Cookbook’

The Body Buddy Cookbook‘ contains all day recipes. It is a fully customized cookbook so that you can choose what to eat for every meal. You don’t have to completely adjust your current diet. Bread for breakfast or rather yogurt with fruit? Wraps for dinner or rather a pasta? No matter what you choose, the result remains the same!

De Boer: “How wonderful would life be if all the calories were already counted for you? When you know in advance that it really works? How nice is it that you only have to open a book for something tasty and simple? How nice is it to lose weight in a healthy way with a feeling of satiety? How nice would it be to decide for yourself what you eat at what time? How brilliant is it if you can vary infinitely? How cool would it be to lose weight permanently?”

At the same time, the author of this unique concept realizes that it all sounds like a ‘wrong’ sales trick, but after three years of calculation, testing, tasting and writing, she can rightly say that she can make it all come true.

De Boer developed her book on the basis of the many people who followed a feeding schedule with her and with whom she spoke extensively in preparation. After all those conversations, she knew exactly what was needed within her target group. At the same time, however, she also understood that it was going to be a larger project than she had previously thought. She got to work with test chefs who rated her recipes. After that time consuming phase, she found Chef Tim Ringers (not the first one) willing to not only prepare her recipes, but also beautifully format them so that they could be photographed for ‘The Body Buddy Cookbook’ and it shows, because your mouth is watering when you see the great photos. And you can lose weight with that too! “A nice phase”, De Boer thought, because at the end of these photo days people who were less fortunate, and responded to her call via social media, came to pick up a delicious meal.

Would you like to know more about Esther de Boer’s unique concept and would you like a taster? Look below.
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More information can be found at The book will be published soon. Don’t you want to wait, but be the first to get started with this way of losing weight? And would you also like to receive a personally signed version of Esther de Boer? Pre-order the ‘The Body Buddy Cookbook’ for € 34.95 via This option applies from today, Friday 10 June to Sunday 10 July.

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“How fantastic would it be….”
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