How to Choose a Quality Casino Online – Simplified

The Internet is overflowing with websites, platforms and service providers. Choosing one, can be a tricky process, especially when you enter personal information like your credit card and bank account details. Online casinos go through the same process.

New casinos emerge every day. Beautifully designed, full of games and prizes for its most loyal player. However, you may wonder how it meets the criteria of being a quality casino?

To answer this question, we will go through each criterion that makes a casino part of the elite group of quality casinos.

High Return-to-Player!

Many new players do not know what Return to Player (RTP) means. It is the percentage of how much money the online casino will pay back to the player through their online slot games. It is an important criterion for players to know, especially for players who bet big.

Generally, quality casinos purchase slot games from developers who program all of their games with the same RTP, so the players have a high chance of winning big jackpots. How to find them is quite easy – see what developer created the game and search it on Google.

Huge Welcome Bonus!

The first thing a new sign-up player notices is the welcome bonus. The best casino deals come from the bonuses awarded on sign-up such as free spins and deposit bonuses that can reach up to 200% of a certain amount. In the last couple of years, we’ve noticed that casinos started to reward their players with daily and weekly bonuses. They’ve learned a thing or two from other industries such as freemium smartphone games and added that experience to their own.

Library of Games that is Constantly Updated!

The biggest thing that separates quality casinos from average ones is the constant investment into new games for their players. Honestly, playing the same slot game over and over again can become boring. That’s why they know how to bring some excitement and break the monotony feeling players get.

Another thing to mention is how graphically and visually games evolve. Nowadays, we experience graphics that are in pair with triple-A video games, accompanied by music themes composed by well-known industry musicians. There has never been a better time to play slot games!

Smartphone Optimization!

We remember the times when online casinos were played only on a PC and they had terrible graphics. Today, things are quite different. The best online casinos have moved to all devices and are optimized to perfection. Every casino can be played on a browser and some of them have added their own app both in the Google Play and Apple store. Low quality casinos don’t invest in optimization and hope that the few players who play their games can handle the load.


We hope that our research brings you closer to finding the best casino deals online, and enables you to play in the top quality gaming spots. Take your time, check the free slot game versions, engage in free competitions, and then decide how to proceed. Feel the casino pulse  and see how big the RTP ratio is. Try playing on a PC and a smartphone. If it all checks out, then you can be certain that you’re playing in the right online casino.


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