How to Like the Process of Writing Essays and Enjoy it

No one tends to associate the process of essay writing with “fun” or “enjoyable”. As students, we have been conditioned to think that essays are to be dreaded, which is why most of us tend to deal with the whole thing in a very miserable way.

Being a student myself, I completely relate to that. However, you might be surprised to know that I now love the whole process of writing and essay, because of a couple of things I started doing. First things first, I reached out to professional writing services like and ordered some assignments I needed from them. Their works helped me learn what a good essay looks like. By using their works as an example, I started to improve my writing and become more confident about it.

I realized that the main reason why I would immediately start to dread the thought of writing an essay is because of things that would need to be done before writing the actual essay.

The main things being, deciding on a topic, doing the research and then deciding how to go about the essay. However, then I started practicing certain things that ultimately changed my outlook on the process of essay writing. You can either pay for papers or train yourself to like the journey of writing an essay.

If you are someone who struggles to write an essay just because you find it stressful and not enjoyable; continue reading this article because you might find a couple things useful as well.

Read interesting things

In order to enjoy the process of writing an essay, you need to get into the habit of reading as well. But I don’t just mean books, I also mean articles, newspapers, magazines, anything that is of your interest basically.

And when you are reading these things, make mental notes of how the writers use certain words, and structure certain sentences.

Reading also helps increase vocabulary, so every time I would come across an interesting and new word, I would get excited to use it in my next essay.

Find fun sources

During high school and the majority of college as well, “finding sources” and “doing research” to me would simply equate to Googling the respective topic.

However, much to my dismay, I realized that there are other ways of going about this too.

You might be aware of your college library and I implore you to make use of it.

I was tired of having to go through the same process of looking something up on Google and then looking at the first couple of articles on the first page and then using those as my “research”.

But then I discovered the library database, which had access to hundreds if not thousands of academic articles from scholars from around the world. These scholarly articles were not only very much relevant to my essay topics, but finding them made me feel like I did proper research that everyone talks about doing and it made the whole thing very fulfilling.

Treat yourself

You can have a writing process where you also end up treating yourself to a nice lunch, or coffee at your favorite cafe.

Once you start doing this, you will start looking forward to essay writing as it would mean that you will get a little treat in the process too.

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