Hundred passengers KLM flight left behind in Johannesburg

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More than a hundred passengers who wanted to fly to Schiphol on a KLM flight from Johannesburg in South Africa on Friday evening had to stay behind. When KLM checked the negative PCR test statement of all passengers, it turned out that more than a hundred travelers did not meet the requirements, according to the airline. KLM did not say how many people were ultimately on the plane.

The travelers who were allowed on the flight to Schiphol on Saturday met the requirements set by the Dutch government. The GGD checked them on arrival, KLM reports. The airline checked the negative test statements of the passengers because of the assessment of South Africa as a country with a very high risk of corona infection.

After the emergence of the Omicron variant of the corona virus in southern Africa, the Dutch government imposed a no-fly zone for South Africa on Friday. Dutch nationals and EU citizens who are in transit to their country of residence are exempt from this no-fly zone.

Passengers who fall under this exception rule must be able to show a negative rapid test of a maximum of 24 hours old, in addition to a negative PCR test with a maximum validity of also 24 hours upon entering the airport or a maximum of 48 hours after arrival in the Netherlands.

On two other KLM flights from South Africa to the Netherlands, a total of 61 passengers were found to be infected on Friday, but it is still unclear whether this concerns the Omicron variant.

Hundred passengers KLM flight left behind in Johannesburg
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