‘I have improved by 800 euros gross and have less stress’ | Salary

SalaryHow much do you earn? We ask a Dutch person every week. Today: Hendrik (38) works 40 hours a week as a field service engineer in medical technology. He makes sure that the equipment works at blood banks and hospitals, especially the operating department.

What do you earn?
,,3600 euros gross. Net that is around 2500 euros.”

Happy with?
,,Yes, if I consider where I came from, sure. I’ve been in the elevator world before. I had to work emergency shifts in the evenings and weekends. Now I have a nine-to-five job and I don’t work overtime anymore. I have made a total of 800 euros gross. And I have a lot less stress. I am very happy with that.”

What are your secondary employment conditions?
,,I have a car and receive 250 euros monthly expense allowance. I don’t have to pay any pension payments, the employer pays that for 100 percent.”

Have you negotiated your salary?
“I switched to this employer in April 2020, just before the entire corona event. I got a proposal and it was just really good. The vacancy contained a salary indication. The minimum you could count on was the same as what I was earning at the time. In the proposal I eventually received 800 euros. I had not foreseen such a difference, especially with the fringe benefits that are also favourable. I am basically much more at home. Because if your work is done by two o’clock in the afternoon, you can go home.”

Have you ever tried to negotiate?
At my previous employer. I told them I was going to apply. They then had the opportunity to make a counter offer. They said: ‘We can never offer you that amount’, well fine. I have to say, that application was not planned. I saw the vacancy pass by and they asked for more experience than I had. But I thought, not shooting is always wrong. Two hours later I was called back and asked if I wanted to come for an interview. Two weeks later everything was ready, despite the covid period. Because that worried me. I was afraid I couldn’t stay because of that. But my manager said: that’s really going to be okay. My contract was also for an indefinite period.”


I think working with my hands is the most beautiful thing there is

Do you know what your colleagues earn?
,Yes, and there is a difference. My one colleague has worked for the company for 15 years, so he earns more. But I’m not jealous of that. Absolutely not.”

How do you see your future?
“I feel happy with what I do. The contact with people, the position, I can continue to do this work for a long time. I don’t need to go any higher, I don’t want to be a manager. I’m not going to like that. I think working with my hands is the best thing there is.”

Does Hendrik earn enough?

Age: 38
Number of years of work experience: 2
Number of working hours per week: 40
Education: secondary vocational education
Industry: technology
Function: other
Country of headquarters: Belgium

According to the Salary Guide, the average salary for his position is 2050 euros gross. “That’s low. No wonder there are almost no technical people. I dare not say why I have a better salary. I am not bound by a collective agreement, so that can play a role.”

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‘I have improved by 800 euros gross and have less stress’ | Salary
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