Illegal parties end with a collision

Tilburg – Wage on Sand

The police were busy on Saturday evening and last night with illegal revelers who gathered at various locations in Tilburg and Loon op Zand. A 25-year-old Tilburger was arrested at the last location on the Kalverstraat near the Noorderplas. He hit a 23-year-old man from Best with his car and then drove on. In addition, he refused to cooperate in an alcohol and drug test.

The police received a report on Saturday, June 12, 2021 around 10.30 pm that a large group of revelers was present in the Leijpark. On site it turned out to be about 250 visitors with a barbecue and a DJ. The police put an end to the illegal party. This went smoothly. The group then moved to the Blauwe Meer near Loon op Zand. The officers estimate that about 500 people gathered there. This meeting was also terminated. After this, a smaller part reappeared at the Wandelbos, the Droogdokkeneiland and the Kalverstraat in Tilburg, near the Noorderplas.


Officers saw that a pedestrian was hit by a car with four occupants on Kalverstraat around 02:10 a.m. However, the driver continued to drive after the collision. The findings were passed on via the walkie-talkie. Other officers saw the car in question driving. They stopped the driver. Since intention was taken into account, all four occupants were arrested using the approach technique dangerous suspects. Ultimately, the driver, a 25-year-old Tilburger, was arrested. In any case, he is suspected of the abandoned site accident. In addition, he refused to cooperate with a breath analysis and drug test. The cause of the collision is being further investigated. There may be a second victim who walked in the same group as the 23-year-old man from Best. The resident of Best was taken to hospital by ambulance for treatment.

Illegal parties end with a collision
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