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A carefree hug. Today, supervisors Mariska Butter and Lorreine Tempelman of the residential care complex Halte Zomervilla both gave one to the multiple handicapped Vincent and Wouter. Cuddling is now possible, now that the youngsters from the institution were vaccinated for the second time last week.

“For us as employees, that is a good feeling”, says Renée Ruisch of Halte Zomervilla in Oud-Beijerland. Ten young adults with multiple disabilities live within the institution. “They are such vulnerable children. Many parents have also had their first vaccination. That combination gives freedom. “

For a long time, the motto in nursing homes and residential care complexes was: as little contact as possible. However, it was announced yesterday that nursing homes may relax their corona measures if at least 80 percent of residents have had two injections.


Although it is impossible to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters in care for the disabled, everyone was as careful as possible, says Ruisch, who also has a multiple disabled daughter who regularly visits Halte Zomervilla. “Everyone started to find it quite scary, but with this target group you can hardly keep your distance.”

Resident Wouter with his supervisor Lorreine Tempelman during a close moment. Now that the measures have been relaxed, they are allowed to come closer together without a mask. © Arie Kievit

Even now, Halte Zomervilla still exercises the necessary caution. “Volunteers are not allowed to enter the villa just like that, because we don’t know who has and who has not been vaccinated. Moreover, not all employees have had a vaccine. ” The latter is because the vaccine is voluntary.

One on one

Parents who come to visit must also pick up the child from the group. “Just a bit different, one on one. For example, walking with the child. We have never forbidden cuddly toys between parents and children, but parents themselves are often terribly careful with that, ”explains Ruisch. “We have seen that parents did not come by for two weeks to avoid risks.”

The fact that Halte Zomervilla is small-scale with ten residents does help, says Ruisch. “That is easy to oversee. The greatest risk is not the parents, but the thirty employees. ”

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In Halte Zomervilla you can cuddle again: ‘What a nice feeling’ | Inland
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