Increased security during Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort this year

Security at the Grand Prix in Zandvoort during the race weekend will be increased compared to last year. During the previous event, a man disrupted the qualifying round for the Formula One race by throwing a smoke bomb onto the track. According to director Robert van Overdijk, an evaluation of the last edition led to tighter security protocols.

Van Overdijk indicated that security personnel will receive stricter instructions and will be present in more areas of the stands. Strict bag checks were already in place last year. “At the end of the day, we do everything we can to make it one big party. This means a lot of fun, but it also requires common sense. With more than a hundred thousand attendees, there will always be a few who misbehave.”

The organizers of the Grand Prix in Zandvoort previously mentioned that protocols had been tightened to prevent inappropriate behavior. In addition to a hotline, male and female counselors will be available during the event for people who feel unsafe. Communication with the police will also be more direct.

Last year, both the police and the Formula One fan club received several reports from women who were harassed during the event. Most of the complaints concerned derogatory and sexist remarks.

The strict protocols do not mean there will be an increase in the number of people working during the race weekend, “Based on our evaluation, they will simply be stationed in different areas,” Van Overdijk pointed out. 1,400 volunteers will work during the race weekend.

According to the director, staff shortages are less of a concern than last year, when they were already adequately staffed. “Last year, the events industry struggled somewhat due to the aftermath of the Covid-19 crisis. However, the industry has since stabilized. This means that our teams were in place more quickly and earlier than the previous year.” Increased security during Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort this year

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