Increasing cases of COVID-19, DeJonge is exploring potential mitigation

Experts across the country expressed concern about another wave of coronavirus in the fall, and the National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM) reported over 3.700 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday. This is the highest number since the end of July.

RIVM: Increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the Netherlands

The number of new coronavirus cases in the Netherlands appeared to be stable with about 2.000 new cases per day, but the latest update reveals that RIVM registered 3.746 new infections on Wednesday. became. The Netherlands last recorded such a high daily number of cases on July 29, when a positive test result of 4.452 was registered.

According to the latest figures, the number of cases per day almost doubled last week, with only 1.909 reported infections on October 7. The R number of the virus is also increasing, and after a few weeks it is now 1,12. One down.

Hospitalizations remain fairly low, but hospitalizations are increasing. According to National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution (LCPS) statistics, 469 coronavirus patients were treated in Dutch hospitals last Thursday, of which 128 were in the intensive care unit. As of Wednesday, these numbers have risen to 524 and 137, respectively.

Experts warn that Dutch hospitals can’t handle another wave

Just a month after the last coronavirus press conference, November 1 is approaching, and many may wonder if the Dutch government will introduce further mitigation into its current measures. Hospitalizations and coronavirus-related deaths remain low, but many medical professionals warn the government not to act too quickly.

This week, the Outbreak Control Team (OMT) said there was “significant uncertainty” about the further spread of the virus in the fall and winter months, and “hospitals and ICUs could grow exponentially.” rice field. Admission. Experts advise not to lift the restrictions in the short term.

Dieterik Gommers, president of the Dutch Intensive Care Unit, also told NOS that it was too early to lift any further restrictions. Currently, the ICU has 130 patients and can handle 180, but not the peak of 400. Then you need to reduce your usual care, which is really undesirable. “

De Jonge says the coronavirus certificate remains

The next coronavirus press conference is more than two weeks away, but Health Minister Hu Ge de Jongge has already talked about what the public should expect about the future of COVID-19 regulation. Many people are dissatisfied with the introduction of the coronavirus certificate system, but De Jonge says it stays here. As the coronavirus passes through, we can no longer get rid of it. “

Instead of abolishing coronavirus certificates in cinemas, events, nightclubs and restaurants, the government is set to consider the possibility of lifting “actually financially impeded” restrictions.

But what does that mean? If relaxation is announced in early November, nightclubs and other food service industries will no longer have to meet late-night closing hours, potentially lifting capacity rules of up to 75% for certain events.

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Increasing cases of COVID-19, DeJonge is exploring potential mitigation

Source link Increasing cases of COVID-19, DeJonge is exploring potential mitigation

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