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Martijn Koning’s Instagram account, on which he had more than 23,000 followers, has been removed. According to the comedian, he did not do this himself, but the platform took his page offline. He does not know why. ‘They will contact you,’ he says.

Normally an account can be deleted if it violates the rules of the platform, but it is not clear which rules King would have broken. Complaints would have been filed about him.

King came under fire last week after his performance in the RTL 4 talk show Jinek. There he did a so-called roast of Forum for Democracy leader Thierry Baudet, in which he spoke, among other things, about the alleged anti-Semitism at the party and referred to the politician’s girlfriend. Baudet walked out of the studio during the roast.

RTL and Eva Jinek distanced themselves after the broadcast of King’s statements and stated that it was a mistake to have him perform while he had not wanted to tell beforehand what he was going to talk about exactly. From now on Jinek wants to know ‘approximately’ in advance from her guests, she said, because she does not want to throw the others like a ‘piece of red meat’ in ‘a safari park’.

The comedian himself was, by the way, satisfied with his roast. “The intention was to hit Baudet and we did, yes,” he told this site. Despite the fuss, the comedian, who has been seen frequently on RTL in recent years, remains welcome in the channel’s programs.

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Instagram account Martijn Koning deleted | Tech
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