Introduce sugar tax and reduce VAT and fruits and vegetables

The Council for Health and Society (RVS) has released a report instructing the Dutch government to do more to promote a healthy life in the Netherlands and to combat unhealthy diets. Their advice includes introducing a ban on advertising for unhealthy foods and lowering VAT on fruits and vegetables.

RVS issues advice to the Dutch government to promote a healthy life

RVS is proposing to introduce a sugar tax and at the same time reduce the cost of health foods such as fruits and vegetables. In addition to this, the council wants to ban advertising on unhealthy foods. According to the report, municipalities should also be empowered to limit or ban the opening of new fast food restaurants and snack bars in the area as they should work to promote a healthier living environment. ..

The RVS has informed the Ministry of Health that a budget of about € 1.7 billion will already provide sufficient funding to combat unhealthy behavior in the Netherlands, but the council also said that the funding would solve the problem. I realize it’s not enough.

RVS wants to introduce legislation that the government should work to prevent health inequality, as well as large financial investments. “Health inequality is associated with long-term and complex social issues such as unemployment, low income, debt, or an unhealthy living environment,” the council wrote.

RIVM recommends selling alcohol only in liquor stores

The National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM) has published its own advice on selling alcohol in the Netherlands. The institute feels that additional measures are needed to further reduce excessive alcohol consumption and obesity.

Therefore, experts not only support RVS’s advice to encourage a healthier lifestyle, but also argue that alcohol should only be sold in liquor stores. In addition to this, RIVM is calling for stricter agreements with employers on healthy eating at work and stricter regulations on advertising in younger areas such as schools and sports clubs.

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Introduce sugar tax and reduce VAT and fruits and vegetables

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