‘IOC transgender rules do not provide fair competition’

Lundberg: “There is no research showing that the therapy makes a difference in terms of performance advantage. In almost all studies the limit of five nanomoles was reached, but the effect on muscle mass and strength remained small.”

“Hormone therapy also has hardly any effect on removing the advantage that men have in strength and speed. Only one-fifth of the original benefit is lost due to testosterone suppression.”

An advantage that has to do not only with hormones and testosterone, but with other physical male characteristics. Lundberg: “After puberty, boys are taller and taller, and the difference is so big that in sport you have to have a separate women’s category to create a fair competition. Otherwise women will no longer become champions and they will not win medals.”

‘It does not work’

Lundberg continues: “Maybe the IOC thought, ‘Let’s see if this works.’ We now have enough data to say, it doesn’t work. From that perspective, their current regulations are not supported by scientific evidence.”

The proposition that the current regulations lead to fair competition between born women and transgender women (born men who now go through life as women) thus seems built on quicksand. “That would be a lie,” said Lundberg. “That’s the issue: inclusion and fairness don’t go together. In the sports world it is either one or the other.”

‘IOC transgender rules do not provide fair competition’
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