Is Bingo Legal In The Netherlands? We Explain Here

Online bingo has become one of the most popular forms of gambling in the iGaming industry and as a result, there are many different countries that offer this to players.

In recent months, one country that has undergone a number of changes to online gambling legislation is the Netherlands, with bills recently being passed in the country to offer players the chance to visit online casinos, which have been made legal.

Additionally, from March 01 2021, the country was granted the right to offer online gambling to players and this included online bingo, with companies provided with the opportunity to apply for licenses.

However, despite this being made legal, companies still have to meet all of the criteria set by the Netherlands Gaming Authority (NGA), with there being somewhat of a rigorous process involved for those interested in offering their services in the northern European country.

What does it mean for Remote Gambling Bingo Operators?

The majority of bingo sites made available to players in the Netherlands, initially are understood to be those that hail from another country and as a result, can be classed as ‘remote’.

What this means is that those bingo sites that are interested to offer their services to players in the Netherlands would apply for a remote license from the Netherlands Gaming Authority. However, they would still be required to adhere to the terms laid out in the legislation set by the NGA.

While currently, there are very few Dutch-based bingo operators, the passing of new legislation is likely to see an increase in new bingo sites that are specifically in the Netherlands, with sites such as bingosites.net providing information about these as when updates occur, with there understood to be a growing demand for the game.

Criteria for Remote Bingo Operators in the Netherlands

Online bingo companies that wish to apply for a remote gambling license for the Netherlands are required to meet certain objectives, as set by the NGA. Let’s take a look at what some of the main ones are.

  • The bingo company that wishes to apply has to be either a public limited company or a private limited company that has been founded in an EU or EEA member state.
  • All remote gambling licensees are required to have a control database in the Netherlands.
  • Every bingo operator with a remote gambling license is required to monitor and analyse player activity on the site and is subject to an active ‘duty of care’ to help to prevent problem gambling from developing.
  • Each licensee is required to have at least one representative for the Netherlands to assist with gambling addiction prevention, though they are not required to reside in the country.

Is online bingo likely to be popular in the Netherlands?

Based on how popular online bingo is in other European countries, there are many reasons to suggest that this will be the same in the Netherlands. However, a lot rests on the number of bingo sites that become approved for a license and also how attractive bingo sites find the market in the country.

Customer acquisition may also play a part in a company’s decision as to whether they apply for a license, because they will need effective marketing in place in order for it to be worth their while.

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