‘It is already code black for people living at home with dementia’

The Hague

The infections are increasing and so is the pressure on healthcare. It is already ‘code black’ for people living at home with dementia. They have little or no access to care and support at home and more home care is not available when it is needed: a ‘no’ is being sold. This is what Julie Meerveld of the Alzheimer Nederland foundation says.

According to Meerveld, the problems are now greatest in Brabant and Limburg. Due to increasing acute care, people with dementia and the elderly are often last on the list and their front doors are skipped. ‘Home care for people with dementia is being scaled down and the supply is shrinking. This care is not just about a shot or pill. It’s about the basic things, such as getting out of bed, eating and drinking and showering. If this care is not provided, this is not only very unpleasant at the moment, but also a major problem in the long term: people with dementia who do not receive the right care deteriorate more quickly and need more care more quickly. Their carers also become overloaded,’ says Meerveld.

A big difference with the first wave is that there is no intention to close the day activities. However, many new people with dementia are unable to attend daytime activities. Meerveld: ‘They can’t get in because there’s no room. For regular visitors, the day activities are often canceled because someone has always been tested positive for corona. The structure that is so important is completely gone. There is an urgent need to start alternative safe forms of daytime activities. Activities that can continue and where there is room for new visitors with dementia. Because for the time being, corona will continue to determine our lives.’

‘It is already code black for people living at home with dementia’
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