‘It was very sweet that friends helped out’


‘I organize varying projects in the field of art and culture; with music, dance and visual arts in the lead role. I’ve had different jobs, until around my thirties I thought: what is the most important thing in life? I loved theater and was very concerned with the role dreams have in life, so I merged the two and started my foundation.

“I have a mild form of the nerve disease multiple sclerosis and this regularly affects my work. I have periods when I can do a lot, but also periods when little is possible. My motor skills are damaged, I can’t walk properly, I have unbearable physical pain in my nerves from time to time. I now work about 20 to 25 hours, if I can make it at all. I am a professional, I have many years of experience in my profession, but because of my illness I am on the list as a volunteer at my foundation. I receive 100 euros per month for my work, the rest of my income consists of benefits and allowances.

“Since corona I have been traveling all over the world via the digital highway, which is great fun. My specialty is shadow theater and I give online courses. And now that people can’t go into the theater, we send them a small shadow theater that they can work with at home. Soon I will have a pizza box in my head, in which you can perform a version of Hamlet.”


‘I have a lot of medical expenses: from medicines to cannabis oil, a scooter, a walker and a physio. Part of it is covered by my health insurance, but I have to contribute a substantial amount myself. That quickly comes down to about 300 euros per month. I would now like to buy a new tricycle, but that will cost about 2,300 euros, so I still have to see how I will arrange that. I can’t make it on my own.

“I have an allotment garden in Rotterdam-North where I stay in the summer. The subscription costs 100 euros per month, but there are always extra costs. Last year a tree blew on my porch, so it had to be renewed. Friends of mine jumped in. Very sweet, because it cost 1,200 euros. Both in the theater and in the garden I like to pass on my knowledge and experience to a younger generation.

“I love fashion and I’m glad I have some money left over for it every month. I am afraid that if everything becomes more expensive, I will also have to go to the thrift store, but I do not find my salvation there. Maybe then I’ll trade more with friends, or maybe they’ll want to contribute. At some point you need a new winter coat or a warm sweater, rather than T-shirts sewn together by children.”

‘It was very sweet that friends helped out’
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