‘It’s about having fun with language’

The program 10 for Taal was broadcast by the NPO until 2009, but has now been revamped by SBS6 and can be seen again from Thursday after an absence of twelve years. The 59-year-old presenter laughed a lot during the recordings and learned about the language level of the participating celebrities. “Screeching blunders have been made,” he admits. “But all teams are well matched.”

Singers Nick & Simon, sports presenters Dione de Graaff and Toine van Peperstraten and writers Kluun and Heleen van Royen, among others, test their language skills in the program. “Intelligent celebrities were a requirement before I said ‘yes’ to do this,” jokes Edens. According to him, it has become a fine composition. “Nick and Simon are passionate about it and Toine once tried to spell a word that didn’t go well, so that was all in all very funny.”

Have fun

According to Edens, the program has “a noble and underlying purpose” in which he hopes that the viewer can learn something linguistically through entertainment. “It shouldn’t be a boring Dictation of the Dutch language, it should be fun,” he says. “It is successful when people are secretly occupied with language for 50 minutes and think ‘gosh, that went better than I thought’ and then continue with it”, said the presenter. “It’s about having fun with language.”

Although the first series will only start on Thursday, Edens has already thought about two possible teams that could compete against each other in a possible new season. According to him, the outcome offers the TV viewer an interesting language battle. “Two actors from Good Times, Bad Times opposite the Poet Laureate and the Thinker Laureate, I think that would be fun!”


‘It’s about having fun with language’
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