Jail and TBS for dead newborn son


The court ruled that premeditation could not be legally and convincingly proven, and therefore acquitted the woman of murder. However, it is established that she intentionally killed her baby. She was home alone during the delivery, the baby was born alive and the baby was brutally injured and killed by strangulation.

No amnesia

The actual reason the woman killed her child remains unclear as the woman claims to have no memories of the event. However, the court ruled that there can be no question of amnesia. This is clear from one of the experts’ reports. In addition, the woman has memories of the birth and everything that happened after that, but only knows nothing of the things she is accused of.

Mother misunderstood child’s existence

The court has reached a higher sentence than the five-year prison sentence demanded by the public prosecutor. The court takes into account, among other things, that a mother should protect a newborn baby against danger. And it is precisely that mother here who has killed her child with brutal violence immediately after its birth and has not given him a single chance at life. In addition, she had him registered with the Civil Registry as a child who was stillborn, while she knew that he was alive when he was born. With this she took more than just the life of the boy, she misunderstood his existence.

Tbs with compulsory nursing

Forced treatment via TBS is necessary because it is not justified for the woman to return to society untreated after a long prison sentence. Although the psychiatrist, psychologist and the probation service have advised tbs with conditions, the court still imposes tbs with compulsory treatment. This is because tbs with conditions can only be imposed with prison terms of a maximum of five years. And such a prison sentence does not do justice to the horrific acts she committed.

Jail and TBS for dead newborn son
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