Jill wins Big Brother and takes home over 70,000 euros | Show

Tonight it came to an end after a hundred days Big Brother. Candidate Jill has been declared the winner by the Dutch and Flemish public. The Dutch took on Flemish Liese and Nick in the final of the RTL program. She is the successor of Jeroen, the winner of the last Big Brother in 2006. Jill took home more than 70,000 euros in prize money.

In the last minutes it went between Jill and Nick, Liese dropped out earlier. In the final all former residents of the Big Brotherhouse, except for Theo, better known as Terror Theo. Of the last remaining residents, Liese spent the longest in the house. She is the only one of the original eight who moved into the Big Brother house on December 31st. The other three arrived in the house in January.

Jill wins Big Brother 2021. © RTL

Big Brother, announced in a big way when RTL breathed new life into the ‘mother of all reality series’, never became the viewing figures cannon of yesteryear. The troubles in the house did not appeal to the viewer. The show’s kickoff scored 1.3 million more curious, but the first regular episode managed to hold onto just 558,000 of that number. Thanks to that good start, the first weekly average came to more than 635,000 viewers, but those figures also quickly declined afterwards.

TV columnist of this site Angela de Jong said about the renewed Big Brother in one of her columns: ‘Ammehoela, this is sacrilege.’ The fact that the program did not catch on was, according to De Jong, due to the casting of the residents (‘Many the same, quite meaningless types’) and the direction of the makers. “Secret assignments, challenges or whatever they are called. It has nothing to do with the old Big Brother, which was so much fun because it was all about the everyday chitchat of the participants. ”

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Jill wins Big Brother and takes home over 70,000 euros | Show
Source link Jill wins Big Brother and takes home over 70,000 euros | Show

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