Juan Carlos (82), who has fled, pays more than six tons in back tax | Show

Spanish king emeritus Juan Carlos has paid back taxes. It concerns an amount of more than 678,000 euros, his lawyers announced on Wednesday. According to Spanish media, the exiled father of the current king in Abu Dhabi hopes to avoid a lawsuit with the payment.

The lawyers made no further statements about the details of the amount and the overdue tax. According to the newspaper El País, Juan Carlos, the father of the current King Felipe, has gone to the tax authorities to prevent possible questions about alleged illegal credit card transactions.

The 82-year-old king is under investigation in Spain on allegations of bribery and corruption. In August, Juan Carlos went into exile. A few weeks later it became clear that he was staying in the United Arab Emirates.


The Spanish Supreme Court announced in late October that it will not start a case against the retired king. While there are indications that the head of state, who stepped down in 2014, may have committed criminal offenses, Juan Carlos was inviolable at the time and cannot be prosecuted. The chamber of the highest Spanish judges specially appointed for this case is closing the investigation and presenting the findings before Christmas, Spanish media reported, based on sources at the Supreme Court.

The investigation was launched earlier this year to see if Juan Carlos may have been involved in taking or paying bribes for the contract Spanish companies won for the construction of a high-speed line in Saudi Arabia. The Spanish king is said to have received 65 million euros in commission from the then Saudi King Abdullah for his mediation in the mega contract for the construction, by a consortium of twelve Spanish companies, of the high-speed line of the train to the Saudi pilgrimage site of Mecca. The construction contract is worth 6.7 billion euros.

However, according to the Saudi court, that was a gift from kings among themselves. The payment came to light through an investigation by the Swiss judicial authorities into a shadowy money circuit around the king, which also involved his ex-mistress Corinna Larsen.

Juan Carlos (82), who has fled, pays more than six tons in back tax | Show
Source link Juan Carlos (82), who has fled, pays more than six tons in back tax | Show

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