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The AEX index is 0.5% higher closed at 619.72 points.

The stock market indicator is getting closer to the year of 632 points from February. However, the AMX is 0.6% lower closed at 909.03 points.

The price signs elsewhere in Europe showed mixed colors: London (+ 0.3%) and Frankfurt (+ 0.5%) saw gains, Paris closed 0.2% lower.

Wall Street opened with a small loss.

In New York, technology exchange Nasdaq and the broad-based S&P 500 index ended at an all-time high on Tuesday evening thanks to slight gains.

The eyes of investors today are on the Brexit perils. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will go to Brussels on Wednesday evening to negotiate a trade agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom.

Johnson speaks with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. The negotiations are stuck on three main points: access for EU fishermen to British waters, equal rules for British and European companies and the supervision of the agreements made.

The British pound was up 0.4% to $ 1.34 on Wednesday afternoon. Volatility is at its highest level since March. According to SaxoBank’s John Hardings, this is because large parties are trying to hedge in the market against the failure of the talk tonight.

“The markets are clearly pricing in a positive outcome,” said JP Morgan AM strategist Vincent Juvyns. “In an otherwise uncertain Europe. There remains a lack of clarity about the EU support package. There is a lot of people’s money on the side of the markets. As soon as there is more clarity about Brexit, good or bad, and about the roll-out of the vaccine, investors will be able to return quickly. Especially if the second support package from Washington is approved. ”

“The trade is calm. The market is looking for direction, optimism remains about vaccines and an American stimulus package. Trading volumes are moving below the twenty-day average, ”says trader Daam-Martijn van Holst. “The relevant company news is directly reflected in today’s prices.”

Strategist Luc Aben of Van Lanschot sees investors looking ahead to tomorrow’s meeting of the European Central Bank. Aben says he expects the ECB to step further on the monetary accelerator. That may take some time. “The ECB must bridge the period until the majority of the population has a corona vaccine.”

The AEX was led by a food delivery company Just Eat Takeaway (+ 7.7%). The price shot up at the opening of Wall Street. In the US, competitor Doordash went public, with an increased launch price of $ 102 per share and a market value of $ 39 billion. Towards the start of trading its stock is trading at $ 190 in the gray market. Just Eat Takeaway previously bought Grubhub, a competitor of Doordash, in the American market.

In the AEX closed Aegon 1.5% higher. Investors have high expectations of the analyst meeting where the new CEO Lard Friese will unveil his plans with the insurer on Thursday afternoon.

INGnews touches the tongues and plust 0.6%. Former CEO Ralph Hamers still has to answer to the judge for his role in the money laundering issues at the bank. Hamers has been in charge of the investment bank since October UBS (+ 0.1%).

UBS says in a response that Hamers has full confidence. ING is disappointed with the judgment of the court in The Hague.

Other financial service providers like NN Group (+ 1.1%), ASR (+ 1.8%). ABN Amro lost 0.4%.

Heavyweight Royal Dutch Shell for a long time propelled the index at around 2% gain, but closed 0.1% in the red. The US reported unexpectedly large stocks. Brent oil became 0.8% cheaper, moving towards $ 48.60 a barrel.

Chemical company is at the bottom of the main funds DSM (-1%), chip machine manufacturer ASML followed at a distance (-0.4%), while peer group ASMI just added 2.1%.

Food giant and heavyweight Unilever convert a half percent loss into 0.3% profit.

In the AMX is aviation concern Air France KLM in demand with a gain of 0.6%. The cabinet does not have to impose stricter environmental requirements for state aid to KLM. Environmental club Greenpeace demanded that in a lawsuit brought against the State, the court will not agree.

Signify however loses 4.2% after announcing new financial targets. The lighting company wants to increase its profitability in the coming years.

This year, however, Signify thinks comparable sales will shrink by 13% to 13.5% due to the corona crisis. For the future, the former Philips Lighting is aiming for an annual growth of between 0% and 5%.

The small cap funds win Ajax 0.8%. The football club will compete in the Champions League squatter against Atalanta Bergamo tonight. Only if they win, the team from Amsterdam will advance to the next round of the European ball of millions.

Stock market operator Euronext announced the quarterly rebalancing of its indices on Tuesday evening. Coffee and tea company JDE Peet’s (+ 0.1%) will be part of the AMX from December 21st. The company behind Douwe Egberts takes the place of builder BAM (-3.9%), which is downgraded to the small cap fund index. JDE Peet’s went public in Amsterdam in May.

Soil researcher Fugro loss 4.6%.

Neways (-0.8%) is falling back to the local market. The electronics supplier has announced this morning that it wishes to appoint Steven Soederhuizen as operational director. Soederhuizen previously worked for Stork Industrial Components, VDL Industrial Modules, Fokker Aero Structures and GKN Aerospace.

The charging station manufacturer lost on that local market Fastned 18.5%. ABN attributes this mainly to some profit taking after a sharp price increase on Tuesday.

The AFM regulator has submitted three proposals to market parties to avoid unnecessary losses with turbos. When trading turbos, a warning should be mandatory that points to the risks of the investment product.

In addition, there should be a leverage limit and a ban on bonuses for trading. Previous research has shown that investors lose an average of € 2680 with turbos. The market parties have until 24 January to respond to the AFM’s proposals. After that, the rules are expected to be tightened.

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Just Eat Takeaway pops in green AEX | Financial
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