Kardinge reveals plans for large-scale housing expansion

Cardinge in the Froningen region, famous for its sports facilities and wildlife, will carry out a large-scale housing development project. In addition to the construction of 400-700 homes, major reconstructions are underway in the area, and the municipality plans to relocate swimming pools and skating rinks.

The project to transform Kardinge into a mid-to-luxury residential area with 12-storey apartments, hotels and an MBO school was announced on the Sikkom reports in June on a mixed reaction by residents of the surrounding Lewenborg and Beijm districts.

“I feel like a new Cardinge district is being built here,” said one of the residents of Doug Brad van Het Noorden. She added that she was worried about the explosive increase in activity in Cardinge and said the area was “too small” to accommodate all the new facilities.

Others are worried about the impact of new developments on the wildlife of Cardinge, despite the municipality’s promise to keep the area’s nature intact.

Already in October 2021, plans were made to turn the Kardingerbult hill into a toboggan skating rink, RTV Noord reports. The plan was hit by resistance from both members of the Party for the Animals (PvdD) and locals who were worried about losing the natural beauty of the hills.

In the latest series of plans, the toboggan seems to have been completely abandoned and the ice rink will be placed next to the hill instead of on the hill.

It is not yet known how these plans represent the final expansion and when ambitious development projects are set to begin construction.

Kardinge reveals plans for large-scale housing expansion

Source link Kardinge reveals plans for large-scale housing expansion

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