Khloé Kardashian flips after raw photo goes viral | Entertainment

They would have approached all media that published the image, and reported the photo to Twitter. As a result, users who shared the image were notified, “This photo was removed in response to a notification from the rights owner.”

A family spokesperson told the New York Post: “Khloé’s photo was taken at a private family gathering and accidentally posted to social media by an assistant. Khloé looks great, but as the owner of the rights, she can decide that an image that was not intended for publication should be taken offline. ”

According to an insider in The Sun – who also shared the photo in question – completely flipped the Kardashian when the photo appeared online and soon went viral and she wanted to get the photo off the internet as soon as possible. “She is already so fed up with all those opinions about her face and her body and that she is constantly accused of being ‘unrecognizable’ on Instagram. She knows that this will only fuel those opinions. ”

The photo may not have been edited and therefore less glamorous than the snaps that Khloé usually shares, but fans of Khloé find on social media that she doesn’t care about anything. They note that the reality star has a beautiful body that she should embrace. They feel sorry that she has such a “biased image of herself.” Another concludes: “She actually looks better like this. Khloé, find a therapist, not a lawyer. ”

Many also lash out at Twitter, which suspends people because they share the photo in question, but according to them is apparently unable to intervene in other serious cases. Plus, someone notes that the unedited photo of her is “not bad in any way, but just reminds us that social media is a complete lie.” “There is a whole team around that family that fully controls their social media and edits it to an incredibly high standard, which is sad.” Another is ‘sick’ that the family has so much influence that Twitter can suspend them for posting the photo in question “The beauty ideals are so unrealistic. Real beauty comes from within and not from plastic surgery.

What’s remarkable about this story is that Khloé’s clothing brand Good American says it The Post prides itself on being a big believer in body acceptance.

Khloé Kardashian flips after raw photo goes viral | Entertainment
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