Kick in the ass does wonders for Sjinkie Knegt

Short tracker Sjinkie Knegt was dry for 1,113 days. 159 weeks to the day, on Saturday, November 10, 2018, he won a medal for the last time, in the 1,500 meters, at the World Cup in Salt Lake City.

Sober as he is, the 32-year-old Knegt was the first to put those statistics into perspective in Dordrecht on Saturday, after conquering silver at the same distance. Laughing: “I have only ridden four World Cups since then, so you have little chance of winning.”

In der Dordtse Sportboulevard it was of course about that accident in December 2018, when he became trapped between a door and a moving forklift truck and sustained a muscle injury. Or about that other incident a month later, in which he suffered third-degree burns to his legs during an accident when lighting a wood stove.

But above all, Saturday was about the ‘kick in the ass’ that he received at the beginning of the week from national coach Jeroen Otter. The coach considered Knegt’s results during the first three World Cups of the Olympic year to be so below par that he passed the Frisian in the tournament. And that hurt the Bolt from Bantega. “Because nobody likes to be pushed aside.”


Knegt wanted to tackle the race in Dordrecht in order to experiment in the preparation. During his return to short track speed skating, he discovered that strength training had the opposite effect. The more muscular he became, the further the flexibility was to be found.

He came to that realization during the first two World Cups of the season, in Beijing and Nagoya. Both in China and Japan, the doors of the power rooms turned out to be hermetically locked, as a result of the strict Covid measures. In Asia, for four weeks it mainly came down to improvisation.

On his return to Europe, a pleasant surprise awaited him when he got back on the ice for the first time. “I really hadn’t skated so well in ages.” Otter’s program, however, provided for a return among the barbells. “After that strength training, skating was all over again jerksaid Knegt plastically.

Kick in the ass does wonders for Sjinkie Knegt
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