Kim peeps out for photo shoot and Dionne puts scissors in locks | show

ShowbytesShort updates from the stars on social media: we love it. In the Showbytes section, the show editors scour the web for the craziest, most beautiful and striking posts by famous Dutch people and celebrities. This article is updated throughout the day.

The new coupe from youtuber Dionne Slagter must of course be shared with the outside world.

Collaboration or not, Miljuschka Witzenhausen only too happy to give away a fashion show.

Singer Nielson is not the worst and likes to share his ‘crazy studio head’ with his followers.

A day of sniffing art can’t hurt, thought Bridget Maasland today.

When the cat is away, the mice dance on the table, also know Kim Feenstra.

Anyone who spends a few hundred euros on a wool cardigan from Gucci will naturally also wear it on sweltering hot days. Just look at André Hazes.

Armin van Buuren has refused to buy a modern telephone for decades despite its international success.

The garden at the neighbors of Kees Tol is under water, but the Volendammer does have its action selfie.

With a little imagination, sticky hair on a sweaty body is just art, singer also knows merol.

Royalty connoisseur Justine Marcella sometimes takes a bath in lingerie with a friend for a secret project, it turns out.

You don’t have to fall for women to appreciate their butt, argues Roger Smith.

Countess Eloise of Orange is often asked if she lives in a palace, but in reality she doesn’t even have wallpaper.

Karin Bloemen When the word “beach dress” thinks of something completely different than most people.

No, Arjen Lubach doesn’t apply for a spot in the rock band MÃ¥neskin, he just had a 12-year-old do his makeup.

If you look closely, you can see on the forearm of Donny Roelvink the subtle tribute to his grandmother.

A unique experience for influencer couple Nicolette van Dam and Bas Smith: The two shared a photo with an unsponsored drink.

‘s mother Eddy Zoey was given up after a stroke about two years ago, but recovered anyway. The moments together are now extra special.

Patrick Martens always says his girlfriend Quinty Trustfull takes him to great heights. This is not only the case figuratively.

Fajah Lourens couldn’t find a top, but luckily the fruit basket was nearby.

How tight Ali b his torso is also training, colleague Anouk is not very impressed. “What are you doing?” she teases with a heart emoji. “You look like a cramped Chippendale in the penopause.”

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Kim peeps out for photo shoot and Dionne puts scissors in locks | show
Source link Kim peeps out for photo shoot and Dionne puts scissors in locks | show

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