KLM tickets can be up to € 12 higher thanks to new sustainable fuels

With this week’s policy changes, tickets for KLM flights could be up to € 12 higher after Dutch airlines use more environmentally friendly fuel on flights from Amsterdam.

Dutch airlines are increasing their use of SAF

As of this week, KLM has added 0.5% of the new fuel type to all flights departing from Schiphol Airport: Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). SAF is designed to be a more sustainable alternative to kerosene, producing 75% less CO2 emissions than traditional fuels.

From 2025 onwards, European flights will require the use of a combination of fuel types and at least 2% of the fuel used must be sustainable. KLM has set independent goals and plans to make 10% of its fuel sustainable by 2030.

“We understand that a standard mix of 0.5% for passenger flights is a very small step,” the airline wrote in a statement this week. “However [it is] It’s important in the right direction. Over the past few years, KLM has taken steps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions on leaflets and launched the world’s first biokerocene airliner in February last year.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines ticket prices go up

Although SAFs are environmentally friendly, KLM admits that they cost four times as much as kerosene and are in relatively low supply. The airline wants to anticipate the European goal of sustainable air travel, but acknowledged that this change will have a knock-on effect on customers as ticket prices rise.

“Additional cost [the fuel] It’s reflected in the price of the ticket, “says KLM. “As a KLM passenger, you automatically contribute to the purchase of sustainable fuel. Ticket price increases range from € 1 to € 12 for tickets, depending on the cabin class booked and the flight distance. . “

In addition, as of January 13, customers booking flights with KLM will be offered the option to purchase additional SAF for their flights at checkout to further reduce their carbon emissions. This currently applies only to KLM flights, but a similar policy will soon be introduced in Transavia.

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KLM tickets can be up to € 12 higher thanks to new sustainable fuels

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