Lack of paper leading to higher Christmas card prices this winter

You might think it’s a little early to think about Christmas already, but it’s sad that summer is officially over and you’re unknowingly decorating the trees now that October is just around the corner. .. The holiday season can be a magical (but expensive) time, but this year the price will be higher as paper shortages can raise prices for wrapping paper and Christmas cards by as much as 25%. It’s a schedule.

Coronavirus leads to international paper shortage

The coronavirus pandemic has actually affected almost every aspect of our lives, even the ones you didn’t expect most. The number of online shopping orders and takeaways has increased significantly in the Netherlands as stores and restaurants closed as a result of many blockades, trapped in homes with little to do by anyone. This has increased the production of cardboard boxes.

This trend has had a profound impact on the Dutch book industry, but new figures reveal that so-called pulp friction will be more expensive at Christmas (as well as calendars, wrapping paper and magazines). Due to the shortage of pulp and paper, the price of paper has risen by 15% in the past few months, and the price of energy has also risen, so consumers can increase the price of paper products by 20 to 25%.

Netherlands to see the price of paper products rise

Marco Eikelenboom of South African paper company Sappi says shoppers will definitely notice higher prices. “Consumers who buy magazines, Christmas cards and calendars will feel something. It’s inevitable,” he said.

Dutch greeting card company Touché Cards said NOS They had already had to raise the price of some Christmas cards, but reassured customers that the price change would only apply to cards shipped from China-cards produced here in Europe It remains the same price.

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Lack of paper leading to higher Christmas card prices this winter

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