Laggard Kabul: “I don’t know if they will be able to get us away”

Another Afghan man is also still in contact with Foreign Affairs. He has received messages that they have not forgotten him and that they are working hard to get him and his family out of Afghanistan, he says. “But every day we stay here is dangerous. I don’t know what’s going to happen or if they’ll be able to get us out.”

The man comes from Uruzgan, where his father worked for the Dutch. In the years following the mission, he himself worked there for many international aid organizations, including the Dutch Cordaid. He also helped the Netherlands to get interpreters from Uruzgan to the Netherlands.

He was put on the evacuation list on the recommendation of a veteran and twice stood at the gate of the airport with his wife and four young daughters, but did not come in.

Emergency passports

The family has been living in fear ever since. “Yesterday we were warned that the Taliban were raiding our neighborhood. Then we fled headlong to a hotel in the middle of the night.” They are now back home, but they have nowhere to go.

“The kids can’t go outside, they’re in a room all day, they’re scared and bored.” He also mainly stays indoors, but every three to four days he goes outside in the evening to stock up on food.

He has also considered fleeing overland to Pakistan, but that is too dangerous. He now hopes that the Netherlands can issue emergency passports, so that they can get away with them via the airport.

The House of Representatives is currently debating the course of the evacuation from Afghanistan. The House of Representatives is critical of the evacuation policy and wants to know how the stragglers are doing and why they were not evacuated in time.

Laggard Kabul: “I don’t know if they will be able to get us away”
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