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On Friday, July 23, 2021 at 9.45 pm, an agent drove in an inconspicuous vehicle on the A27 in the direction of Breda. He saw in his mirror that a car was approaching at high speed behind him. The driver probably signaled with his high beams because he wanted to pass. The officer moved aside and was immediately overtaken by the car. He saw that there were two men in the car with balloons to their lips. The officer decided to follow the car and in the meantime to ask for assistance via the control room.


The driver continued on the A27 at high speed. The trick with the flashing lights often works. But if it didn’t work out, he didn’t hesitate to overtake the cars a few times via the hard shoulder. At times a speed was reached of around 170 km/h. The officer saw that in the distance a road narrowing was approaching in which lanes were closed by means of a red cross. He saw that the driver drove along the crossed lane to the car with the arrow on it and only then turned right at the expense of other road users who had to brake hard. Here too, the driver overtook several times via the hard shoulder. Shortly afterwards, officers in a conspicuous police vehicle were able to give the suspect a stop sign. The 21-year-old suspect from Zeist was taken to the station where he had to undergo a saliva test. After interrogation about, among other things, his driving behavior and the use of laughing gas, the suspect was released later in the evening. He will have to answer for his actions.

Laughing driver arrested | Look at news
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