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Robert B., the notorious cult leader of the controversial Order of Transformants, is being prosecuted for 132 sexual abuses against one and the same person: the now 26-year-old Emma. This is apparent from the indictment of the Public Prosecution Service in Kleve, Germany, where the case will start next Friday. Emma and her mother had been with the sect since she was ten years old, but fled the Order, which is now located in Goch, Germany.

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Robert B., the 58-year-old predecessor of the sect of the Order of Transformants, is accused of sexually abusing the woman with whom he had been in a relationship for years, according to the sect. This 26-year-old Emma has been part of the cult since she was a child, because her mother joined the controversial club in 2004, which was in Hoeven in Brabant for years. According to the indictment, the young woman would have been sexually abused no less than 132 times in her life, 64 times as a child under 14 years of age. She would also have been held against her will at least once by B.

The Order has a long history in the Netherlands, in which issues such as abuse, intimidation and even assassination attempts play a role. Founder and pastor Robert B. had been out of the picture for about twelve years and was suddenly arrested on October 21 last year, after a report ‘that a woman was being held captive in the monastery against her will’.

secret affair

That woman is Emma, ​​who worked within the cult as an event manager. She is said to have had a secret affair with a man from the town of Goch. It would be that man who eventually brought up Emma’s abuse to the judiciary and filed a report. The trial will start on Friday, which will last no less than twelve days, in June, July and August.

Prophet Robert B. himself says that he has never committed the abuse of children or rape of women within his faith community. That is what the Dutch predecessor of the Order of Transformants, who has been in pre-trial detention in a German cell for almost eight months, said through his lawyer. B. acknowledges that he had a relationship with her. “But only when Emma was already a grown woman,” says his lawyer, “He never had anything with her before she was 18 years old.”

B. was arrested in October 2020. In the middle of the night, a hundred German agents invaded the former monastery Graefenthal with a great show of force. The beautifully situated medieval complex, just across the border with Gennep, is operated by the Order as a catering and event company.

Within the rules of the Order that allows polygamy, the prophet and the manager were considered husband and wife. Emma even has his name tattooed on her wrist. Within the Order, more women would walk around with the tattooed image of B. on their backs.

The site of the former monastery Graefenthal where the German police invaded in October 2020. © ANP

The charismatic Amsterdammer Robert B. was once a personal coach. He developed his own methods from there to make yourself better. Around 2000 he founded the Order of Transformants, the Christian order that fiercely opposes the ‘imaginary world’ around them. Protestants joined them, but also Catholics, and even unbelievers. They were mostly highly educated people. Together they created a world of their own. With its own rules.

According to the lawyer, the raid by the German justice is entirely due to a jealous lover of Emma. He lives in nearby Goch. According to the Order, Emma would have regretted and ended the affair to stay with B. The German would then have retaliated by filing a report.


But Emma did not return to the Order in Graefenthal. Her mother also left the Order as a very prominent member, as did Emma’s brother. They are afraid of revenge and hide. The Transformants were more often negative in the news. They are said to be behind a failed assassination attempt on a Rotterdam businessman and critic of the Order. An ex-member was also stabbed who dropped out of the school after his resignation. B. disappeared from the Netherlands thirteen years ago, so the Dutch police could never hear him.

Initially, B. and his Order were also accused of illegal possession of weapons. That led to another raid and a major search on Graefenthal. Nothing was found except for two alarm guns. The charge of possession of weapons has been dropped by the German justice system.

Spokesperson and monastery director Camiel Engelen looks forward to the criminal case with ‘full confidence’. According to him, the German judge will realize that the Order and its predecessor have been unfairly blacked out.

According to B’s lawyer, the criminal case cannot even be heard by the German judges. It is completely unclear how, where and when the abuse would have happened. He subtly points out that B. is not wanted by the Dutch authorities. “There is no report in the Netherlands, nor an arrest warrant, let alone that the Netherlands has made an extradition request to Germany.”

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Lawsuit against notorious cult leader begins: Robert B. suspected of 132 sexual abuse | Inland
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