Lawyer Weski avenges court Taghi case, ‘appearance of partiality’

Lawyer Inez Weski challenged the court this afternoon in the trial against the group surrounding her client Ridouan Taghi. She wants new judges because the current court would put the defense at a disadvantage.

Weski wanted to give a presentation today about messages that star witness Nabil B. secretly sent from prison. After much deliberation, the court put a stop to this.

The judges allow Weski to only tell her story behind closed doors, because the apps also contain names of relatives of the key witness. According to the court, their privacy and security are at stake.

Weski disagrees with this decision. She wants to be able to quote the messages publicly, as a substantiation for certain requests to the court. According to Weski, the defense is hindered by the court. In doing so, the judges have created the appearance of bias and partiality, according to Taghi’s counsel.

Tomorrow decision

Several lawyers joined the request for a different court. That is expected to be decided tomorrow.

Today was the first session in the ‘Marengo trial’ since the death of crime journalist Peter R. de Vries. He helped the key witness with advice and assistance. Both the court and the lawyers of Nabil B. considered the murder.

Lawyer Weski avenges court Taghi case, ‘appearance of partiality’
Source link Lawyer Weski avenges court Taghi case, ‘appearance of partiality’

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