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Let’s Gro, the festival about the future of Groningen returns to the city for its 10th edition. From November 4th to 6th, people can take part in discussions, films, workshops and music on the forum (Nieuwe Markt 1, Groningen) and elsewhere in the Stade.

The theme this time is Gap.The organizers have created a series of talks to discuss Reduce income, opportunity, health and regional disparities in Groningen. The festival provokes debate not only within the city, but also its relationship with the countryside. The festival will also host discussions on the energy crisis, how to build a greener Groningen through new construction projects and urban renovations. The program features experiences and cases from other cities that provide inspiration for Groningen and a model to imitate.

Forum Project Manager Martijn Rotgers said: Rotgers is concerned about growing inequality among people in the city. Many factors influence this, including where he is from, the social status of his family, and his neighborhood. For Rotger, Let’s Gro It provides a platform on which these differences can be discussed and, more importantly, potential solutions.may be suggested

“We target mainly Dutch people because we want to bring problems to those who have established life in Groningen,” Rotgers continued, explaining that most international students are students temporarily living in Groningen. . “But we are interested in their ideas. Last year’s edition dedicated a panel to discussions with the international community in Groningen,” he said. Rotgers invited non-Dutch speakers to participate Let’s Gro Anyway, the festival offers installations, music and other initiatives besides conversation.

The program has some events in English. On Friday, from 19:30, four speakers will discuss the relationship between the city and its surroundings. British journalist Sam Bright explains how London is eroding its own prosperity, citing a comparison to the Netherlands’ Randstad versus the West’s conflict.Saturday 19:30 Short Movie pedestrian movies Start a discussion about the role of walking in urban mobility planning.

all Let’s Gro The event is free.The program of the festival is available on the forum website (Dutch). The festival is held in cooperation with the city of Groningen.

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