Limburg rental company customers duped for millions

CDD customers were lured with a nice story. The car could be rented at a greatly reduced rate, provided that payment was made in advance for a period of two years. It is estimated that tens of millions of euros have been taken from CDD customers.


The Limburg-based company rented the cars itself from car rental companies and leasing companies throughout the Netherlands. Because the cars were not allowed to be rented out and the company did not pay, the cars were taken back by the owners.

Never delivered

According to the NOS, there are customers who have paid, but never received their car. They were always brushed off with excuses such as ‘longer delivery time’.

Companies also duped

Steven Donselaar is a landlord who is the victim of CDD. He has been suspicious in recent months when invoices were not paid on time. Donselaar says to the NOS: ‘We had to go after it time and time again. That’s why I hadn’t rented them any new cars, even though they did ask.’

Another lessor says: ‘A Toyota that I can buy for 700 euros ex. VAT leased to them, they offered for 350 euros. That looks like a house of cards construction.’

Limburg rental company customers duped for millions
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