Live: André van Duin and Nikkie de Jager win Televizier-Ster | Stars

Van Duin had already been nominated in the past two years, but both times he went home empty-handed. In 2019 Beau van Erven Dorens was preferred by the public and last year Tim Hofman.

Van Duin was once nominated for the Gouden Televizier-Ring. In 1981 he had a chance with his TROS program André van Duin, but then the television series won The factory.

The other nominees for the Televizier-Ster Presentator, who, like Van Duin, are not present at the gala, were Arjen Lubach and Fred van Leer. Lubach makes a mistake for the third time. The prize also passed him in 2017 and 2019.

Best presenter

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Nikkie de Jager on the red carpet.

Nikkie de Jager on the red carpet.

Nikkie de Jager is the winner of the Gouden Televizier-Ster for best presenter. The YouTuber made an impression at home and abroad in May when she was invited to present the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam alongside Chantal Janzen, Edsilia Rombley and Jan Smit. She was called the star of the show by many viewers. The interviews that De Jager did behind the scenes with the participants were also very popular.

In addition to the song festival, De Jager, also known as YouTuber NikkieTutorials, was featured as a presenter of the youth program last year. Makeup Cup and she was a jury member in the Videoland show Glow Up and the one-off RTL drag queen program Make Up Your Mind.

The other nominees were Hélène Hendriks and Marieke Elsinga. Chantal Janzen was not allowed to compete for the Televizier-Ster Presentatrice this year. The record holder with six wins has won the past three years in a row and therefore has to skip a year according to the regulations.

Best Actor/Actress

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Elise Schaap has won the Televizier Star for best actor/actress for the third year in a row. She defeated former winner Angela Schijf and Undercover colleague Frank Lammers.

Sheep was featured again in the Netflix hit last year Undercover and also played a part in the film derived from it Ferry. The actress also played roles in, among others, the TV Canteen and New Very.

With three awards, Schaap is now the record holder in the category for best actor/actress, which have been awarded since 2016. In the first two years there were still two prizes; one for best actor and one for best actress.

Best youth program

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Gioia Paris and Matheu Hinzen from Zoë's Summer.

Gioia Paris and Matheu Hinzen from Zoë’s Summer.

The youth drama series The Summer of Zoë has been named the best youth program. The ten-part AVROTROS series won the Televizier-Ster Jeugd in Theater Carré.

The Summer of Zoë is about horse girl Zoë (played by Gioia Parijs) who wants to win an important show jumping competition with her grooming pony in order to win money for her parents. Her father is ill and her mother has to work hard to support the family. Zoë then also threatens to lose her horse to a rich girl.

In addition to Paris, there are leading roles for Florien Ferdinandus, Miencke Kalloe, Matheu Hinzen and Fleur Hogerheyde.

It was already clear in advance that the prize would go to AVROTROS. The other nominees Makeup Cup and Mole tricks, are also from the broadcaster.

Live: André van Duin and Nikkie de Jager win Televizier-Ster | Stars
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