Major police check near extorted fruit company Hedel

Last night, the police held a major traffic check on the A2 motorway near Hedel in Gelderland. More than a hundred cars were checked and occupants were preventively searched.

The action was held near a fruit company that has been extorted and threatened by criminals for more than two years. The ongoing threats were also the reason for the check, says Henny van Kooten, mayor of the municipality of Maasdriel. “It is very worrisome and sad for those involved, so we are looking at whether we can apprehend people in this way,” said Van Kooten at the check.

By the way, nobody was arrested last night. No weapons were found either.

Threats after drug discovery

The threats at the company started in May 2019, after employees of fruit trader De Groot found 400 kilos of cocaine in a shipment of bananas from South America. The company reported the cocaine discovery to the police. Shortly afterwards, the first threatening text messages arrived.

The threats then increased in seriousness, including with attacks on homes. In April, a 21-year-old man from IJsselstein was sentenced to five years in prison for placing a hand grenade at an apartment complex in Kerkdriel. The son of one of the directors of the fruit trade lived there.

It is still not calm around the company. At the beginning of this month, a house of a De Groot employee in Hedel was shot at. Mayor Van Kooten says that the ongoing unrest around the fruit company has an impact in his municipality. “But people handle it sensibly and beautifully.”

Security risk area

A police spokesperson says that residents of Maasdriel have generally responded positively to the traffic control. “They are happy with how we are performing here. We try to get a finger on it this way. It is also a signal that we take it very seriously and do everything we can to stop this.”

Mayor Van Kooten designated the area around the fruit company as a safety risk area on Friday until at least 2 July. The police do not rule out that such a check will be held before that date.

Major police check near extorted fruit company Hedel
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