Make your new home really yours with a humble interior

Have you just arrived in the Netherlands for work or have you come for a new adventure? Now that you have secured your new home, let’s make it yours. Whether you’re renting or just buying a new home, Humble Interiors can help.

Humble Interiors is currently run by Dutch-based British-Australian designer Ellie Beauchamp. As an expatriate, she understands the challenge of starting a new life and really owning a new home.

Why you should consider hiring Erie as an interior designer

Erie brings a clean yet vibrant design style to interior projects. She loves to create fresh and clean spaces with playful accents. She uses many natural materials such as wood, concrete, stone and green to create a harmonious and soothing interior, but with pop colors, unique vintage pieces, interesting artwork and textures. A truly unique space using materials.

As a qualified interior designer, she works closely with her clients to understand their daily lives. This allows you to create and plan customized spaces that work according to your client’s needs.

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Build a house away from home

Hiring an interior designer not only removes the stress of building and filling a home, but also helps you find your unique style and allows you to have a space that you love to grow and live in. .. Ellie also acts as a storyteller-for example, introducing works that are important to you or emphasizing historical or space-specific features. She’s a positive designer, not afraid to think outside the box, she’s clean and rustic, fresh and coloured, and playful and relaxing.

Having lived and worked abroad for many years, Erie has absorbed a variety of lifestyles and cultures and merged with her love for the outdoors and open spaces. With a background as a stylist, I love to pay attention to the details and introduce unique vintage works and colorful arts that bring out the individuality to the client’s house.

Working with Ellie from Humble Interiors ensures breathability and well-thought-out design, including rich layers and textures, bespoke solutions, and individual lighting concepts. These important design elements not only add value to your home, but also create a unique and timeless space that fits your lifestyle, represents you and you want to live in.

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How to use

Ellie of Humble Interiors sits with you on your first consultation and asks about what you want to be in your home, what your needs are, and perhaps the needs of your family, children, pets, or extended families. I have a question. If you don’t know your style, Erie can develop it, identify attractive furniture and ensure it does what you want. For example, elegant and luxurious, or maybe both, which can be wiped with a sticky finger!

First, Erie examines any images you collect with you and either you draw really compelling ideas or resources from these images, or simply talk through your ideas in your head. Once she knows a little about you and understands your needs and wishes, she begins working on a concept design plan.

This bespoke plan is one of the first components to create a new space or home. The concept consists of colors, textures and features that are embedded in the space. You can then fine-tune and tweak the concept together. When satisfied, Erie moves on to developing the final design document. At this stage, technical drawings of the cabinet or storage unit are also created, if needed.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Ellie will be happy to help you at every stage of building a home that will make you happy for the foreseeable future.

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Do you have a commercial space or business and need help?

wonderful! Erie is expanding her commercial portfolio. Humble Interiors is currently working with Sis Bakery in Tuinwijk, Utrecht, on a new music school that will open in September this year.

Contact method

If you like this style and would like to talk more about upcoming projects and spaces, please contact ellie @ or Humble Interiors using this form.

Make your new home really yours with a humble interior

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