Man (32) took in girl (15) from Berghem and committed fornication

Fornication and child porn

In October 2020, the man withdrew a then 15-year-old girl from the custody of her parents, committed fornication with her and another underage girl and had child pornography in his possession. In addition to the prison sentence, the court also imposes compulsory treatment and a ban on contact with the victims,’ the court said.

Girl picked up Meisje

The suspect had intensive contact with the 15-year-old girl via chat sites. In October 2020 he picked her up in Berghem and brought her to his home. The girl’s parents filed a missing person report and the police sent out an Amber Alert, among other things. The girl was eventually found in the suspect’s home 5 days later.

Withdrawal from authority

According to the suspect, he wanted to help the girl get out of her unpleasant home situation. Among other things, she had threatened to run away from home and live on the street, and the suspect did not want that to happen. The defense has emphasized that it was all at her initiative and with her consent. The court ruled that there was a question of withdrawal from authority.


The suspect offered the girl to pick her up with his car when she indicated that she had no transport or money to get to him. He then made the choice to actually pick up the girl and let her stay at his home, without notifying anyone. The evidence shows that he knew she was a minor.

Man (32) took in girl (15) from Berghem and committed fornication
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