Many people go to the physiotherapist after corona

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More than 157,000 people who have had corona have sought the help of a physiotherapist since the outbreak of the pandemic. The Royal Dutch Society for Physiotherapy (KNGF) confirms a message about this in the AD. The organization is shocked by the increase, eight months ago there were still 70,000.

The professional association thinks the actual number of former Covid patients who need a physio is even higher, but can’t prove that. The spokesperson for the association further points out that users of exercise therapy and occupational therapy are not included.

The patients present with typical complaints such as breathing problems, loss of muscle mass and loss of confidence in their own body. Also, they often need physiotherapy longer than others.

It is a burden for the physiotherapists, according to the spokesman, but they can still handle it. “It’s not overly busy.” In total, 4 million people use the services of a physiotherapist every year. Of the 157,000 ex-corona patients, a number would probably have ended up at the therapist for another reason, but how many is impossible to say.

Many people go to the physiotherapist after corona
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