Many websites do not adhere to privacy rules

The Consumers’ Association examined 100 popular websites. 53 of them go into error. A quarter (24) of the websites already place tracking cookies before they have even asked for permission. Bunq places the most: 9. And 20 websites, including Coolblue, NLZiet and OKCupid, still place tracking cookies despite the visitor having refused them.

Guiding menus

The cookie walls, which the researchers still found a lot in 2018 and 2019 (at dating sites and websites about religion, illness and sexual orientation), fortunately have largely disappeared. Only Tweakers still uses this technique, even though it is not allowed.

However, the researchers did find more complicated and guiding menus. On 41 sites, visitors have to go through menus to disable advertising cookies, while accepting all cookies on those same sites is very simple. The cookie statements are also sometimes very extensive. takes the cake with a more than 68,000-word statement. And if you want to check whether all cookie settings are correct, you have to scroll pages long to check 20 cookie sliders.


The parties that place cookies without permission often respond – just like in 2018 and 2019 – with apologies and promise to solve the problems. The companies that use complicated menus usually refuse to change anything.
In a response, the Dutch Data Protection Authority says that it is very critical about the complicated and guiding menus and that it will keep a close eye on developments.

Obstacle course

Sandra Molenaar, director of the Consumer Association, is disappointed with the results: ‘It is sad to have to conclude that companies continue to make mistakes so persistently. How complicated is it to properly ask for permission? The law states that you must give yourself free, unambiguous, informed and specific consent for cookies. That is absolutely out of the question if the selection menu is more like an obstacle course or if your visitor first has to struggle through a 170-page statement. ‘

Many websites do not adhere to privacy rules
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